Meet Founder & Owner

Shaun Lewellyn is a strong leader with a clear vision of what is to be achieved and has the ability to motivate people to work towards achieving that purpose. Shaun is a Marine Corps Combat Veteran. He has a strong loyal commitment to the continued service to community and country. His experience has accumulated 17 plus years of expertise in a variety of fields. Shaun values honest teamwork and partners with several local, state and federal agency's along with several organizations to provide the best possible solutions for our clients. He has an extraordinarily strong level and passion for ongoing education. A few of Shaun’s achievements having earned minor degrees in Business Management and Criminal Justice. He holds a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and is currently continuing to complete his second master’s degree in Public Administration along with completing his doctorate in Organizational Leadership. 

  • Shaun affirms that to be a great leader one must have a clear plan of what is to be achieved from any given situation. A leader should be able to adapt principles to suit situations. A person who is convinced about his/her cause has the power to attract and convince followers to share his vision.

  • His philosophy on integrity in a leadership role: One must be trustworthy and show honesty in all fair dealings and control emotions and harshness. He/she should demonstrate fairness consistently and should hear from all concerned and check all facts before arriving at a conclusion.

  • A humble leader is approachable so that others can find it easy to interact and come forward to offer suggestions or ideas. By being humble they can convey that all are equal and have value as a team member.

  • In addition, he emphasizes that a leader genuinely believes that each person he encounters has something to teach him. One of the qualities of a good leader is that he/she should be able to connect to all people irrespective of age, gender, or background.

  • Understanding the value of time spent one has towards the goal or vision at hand and inspiring others to do the same by setting an example is a trait that is important for being a leader.

  • A true leader is one who stays a part of his/her team and does not merely direct. Shaun is the type of leader who does not hesitate to turn up his sleeves and get down to pulling his weight with the rest of his team.

  • His style of leadership includes never hesitating to give credit to each member of his team for their individual and team achievements.

  • He also prides himself on being a good leader that makes himself indispensable in encouraging personal growth and the growth of team members.

  • He believes in cultivating an approachable image and constantly giving information to all team members. He also welcomes feedback from his team members.

  • Leadership is the process by which a leader imaginatively directs, guides, and influences the work of others in choosing and attaining specified goals by mediating between the individuals and the organization in such a manner that both will obtain maximum satisfaction and efficacy.